Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Today it rained. It was beautiful!
I may have creeped on a couple playing in the rain. . . 
By the time I got my camera out to take their picture, they were done.
I told you I was a creeper.

And so I proceeded to go on a photo adventure.
Jordan came along.
It was wet, calming, and marvelous.

Logan is beginning to get cold.
I have bitter-sweet feelings about it.
However, I looked cute today.
I wore these gems.

Usually I don't just jot down the events of my day.
However, today I am making an exception.
I had two tests today- don't worry I studied and I feel pretty good!
Violin was cancelled, which was a blessing for this student who didn't practice all week!

Randi and I enjoyed Taco-Tuesdays
and caught up on our weekly dose of boy-news.

Institute Women's Association.
I will just say I want to serve a mission.

I will stop listing now.
But my day was wonderful!

Change is in the air and I am getting excited for the autumn months to begin. It is October, the month of pumpkins, spice, and warmth. Time for jackets and boots, but not quite miserable yet. Yep, I like the fall.


Randi Lynn said...

Taaaaaaaaco Tuesday :)
So good.
Six more days till the next Tuesday :)

LaurenFalter said...

I'm so glad you blog :) You're such a sweet girl! And a great example