Saturday, August 13, 2011

What Once was is No More.

Time: 9:47 AM
Location: Cedar City

Today I got four teeth removed.  Wisdom Teeth.  Luckily I was put completely under so that the doctor could go in and do what he gets paid to do.

I only recall a few things from the morning.

I remember before surgery (I think that is the official term? Maybe not.) filling out paper work.
I remember going in and watching the IV get put in my hand.
I remember the oxygen finger clip wouldn't work, and I wanted to make a witty comment.
I remember the doctor coming in and asking me about my age, about college, and random questions of the sort.
I remember pain, and people in my mouth- I started to come out of sleep a bit early.  My dose was upped and I was under yet again.
Next thing I know I was in a chair, in a different room, and I had walked there, at least that is what I was told.

The next events are a blur.  Mom videoed me in my loopy state and took the picture in the middle.  I guess I took all the rest, even if I don't recall doing so.  (I may or may not post those videos. . . I haven't yet decided)

I have iced and slept most of the day.
The pain wasn't bad until we were almost home, then it was dreadful.
I used Otter Pops to ice my cheeks.
I had a spit rag because swallowing bloody-spit wasn't happening.
Lovely visitors came and found joy in my swollen cheeks.
I took one honkin' pain killer that knocked me out for a while.

. . . Now the only thing I want to do is brush my pearly whites.

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