Friday, August 5, 2011

Mom, Dad, and the Non-marrieds

There is a five year gap between my parents' first three children and their last three.  Often times my the oldest three complain that we, the younger-non-married children are spoiled, which we kind of are. . . I admit it, so does my mom.  I don't mind, honestly!

In short:  My parents took us "non-marrieds" on vacation.  Check it out!

Tuesday I woke up sick.  Pineapple does awful things to my stomach.  I will spare you the details!

I even creeped on some people on the beach. . . is that illegal?
When we weren't exploring we were usually sleeping. . . I did most of my sleeping in the car.  Every time I got in and buckled up I zonked out!

I love my family.

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Nat said...

YOur pics are so cute. I'm glad you had fun. One day we'll have to take a big family vacation to Hawaii!