Friday, March 11, 2011

Dear Break of Spring. Don't leave me.

People keep asking me if I have done anything fun for Spring Break. . . 
AND I tell them
"I am doing exactly what I wanted to be doing."

I came home for Spring Break.
All I wanted to do was to spend time with my family.
I knew that home would be hectic and that everyone's lives would still be going 100 mph, but that is home to me and I love it.

I have had quite the time thus far during my break to celebrate Spring.
  • The weather is amazing! (I went running in shorts and a t-shirt today, not to mention I sweated)
  • Lunch with two of my favorite people, Mama and Grandma (picture above)
  • Watched my nieces dance
  • Took pictures 
  • Ran everyday thus far
  • Went on a date with Hossy (last one before his mission!)
  • Started reading Hunger Games
  • Got my hair done
  • Watched Shay play softball
  • Ate delicious food
  • Met up with old friends
  • Got a canker from eating Cadberry Eggs (so worth it!)
  • Slept in my AMAZING bed
  • Got paid
  • Pondered by a fire
  • Slept in (sorta)
  • Blogged multiple times
  • Finished some overdue homework
  • Had a splendid time as of Thursday night!
What else could there be to come?

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Warrior Princess said...

CAdbury's are my FAVORITE!!!