Tuesday, February 15, 2011

V for Valentine's.

I am somewhat ridiculous.  
February 14 is a holiday for sharing love.
. . . and I was always caught up in the holiday until this year.
Thinking about it I have had a Valentine for the last five years. . .
Not this year.
This year I was alone-
and to be honest, it bugged me.
I wish it didn't but it did.
I was kind of having a "poor-picked-on-Kelsie" Day
That is stupid, I know

I woke up Monday morning not knowing how to take this day of love.
A hopeless romantic hopelessly alone
All day long I got messages from people back home asking me what my plans were
I didn't have any- nor would I have any. . .
Everyone responded with shock!  
which made it worse-

Why was I acting this way?
I had had a marvelous day so far.
I slept seven hours the previous night
I had gotten up- gotten ready- and looked cute (at least I thought so)
and I was on time to class (high five to me!)
Things started looking better

And then I came home from class 
There was a box on my porch. . . 
a box of flowers
TULIPS none the less!
(I love tulips they are pure flowers of happiness!)
My dearest friend Taylor Sirrine sent them to me.
They were beautiful!

Good friends like Taylor.
That Valentine's Day is for
To show that we care for someone.
To show our love.
It doesn't necessarily have to be a romantic love
a pure love.
a love that grows with each day
a love that forever blossoms.

Like tulips, love sometimes is buried in the ground
all winter long
Then it blooms and gives happiness to all around
Bringing joy into homes
and feeling the skies with smiles

Happy love day everyone.  
I know it isn't Valentine's Day anymore, 
but why can't every day be a love day?


The Masons said...

I wish I got tulips for Valentines Day. Your lucky!! I hear you are coming for the baby blessing and bringing some friends. Can't wait to see you! The girls miss you. Oh-I need to set up another pic. appointment. For blessing dress pictures. And for the girls too if you can squeeze them in! :)

Becca said...

I didn't have a Valentine either, but I got a rose from someone I love. :] I'm glad we both have caring young men who give us flowers. Life is beautiful with these men of God!

brielle said...

oh that's so cute! valentines day is a slightly ridiculous holiday, but you're lucky taylor is such a good kid! i wish someone sent me flowers! haha (:

Warrior Princess said...

i've never had a valentine, or gotten flowers. be grateful :) love you.