Wednesday, December 22, 2010

. . .remember that time it snowed.

I love being home with my family.  
The excitement of Christmas is real! FINALLY- I believe that it is really here! 
It snowed 18 inches between Monday and Tuesday and today the schools declared it a snow day!  The first snow day in 30 years. . . Wow, I don't remember ever snowing like this. . .  And it isn't the regular "Utah-snow" it is WET and fluffy not dry and powdery.  Kinda hard to get used to.

Tuesday I babysat Bosty and Strat-man.  I guess you could say I am pretty much a pro-babysitter! 

When I was ten years old I would cry to my mom because I wanted to babysit so bad and I hadn't been asked to yet.  (little did I know that babysitting was my destiny!) 
I have been babysitting ever since then.  I used to baby sit my niece Halee every day while Sandi coached basketball practice. Mind you I was only about eleven almost twelve years old and Halee was a new born.  She had ear aches and would cry for hours while I watched her.  I remember crying with her in my arms, not being able to do anything, but hold her!  However we now have a deep burning bond!  
I also had a few regular weekly babysitting jobs growing up and a summer babysitting job for two summers where I babysat five days a week from seven to five- those long summer days taught me so much.  I love kids. 

Back to Tuesday.  There was so much snow outside that I for sure would have lost Strat if not Boston in the depths of the whiteness that I decided to bring the outside in.  I fed them SNOW-cycles.  They enjoyed it.  And I mean I found clean snow for them to eat, so it was perfect!  We also cut out snowflakes to hang from the ceiling, danced to Christmas music, drove (threw) toy cars down the stairs, and we each ate a spoonful of peanut butter!

Did I mention that I love being home?
Late last night I finally got to play in the snow!
My High School Seminary Teacher took his fourwheeler and a hose.
We (Taylor, Kaden, Kinz, Layni, Taylor T, T. and Abbie) brought sleds.

    Picture this: 
Stake Center parking lot full of slushy snow.
Bro Cow driving circles with a garden hose tide to the back of his fourwheeler.
Everyone else lining up on sleds to try and grab the hose as the fourwheeler drove by.
The snow was so wet I could feel water dripping down my legs- GROSS yes, it was melted snow!
I think I was the only person to never make it around the entire loop without getting thrown, pushed, plowed off.  
The hose finally broke- then it broke again, and again until there wasn't much left.
We headed for the hills!

I love the Snow when I can go play in it!
My heart is pounding with excitement!  
I feel great!
I  went running again today (addicted) and I pushed myself harder and faster than I have since I have come home it felt so good!
Every time I want to stop because I "feel tired" I tell my head to shut up!  
I think it would have been really funny to see me running today in the slushiness of my town!

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mason said...

AGGGHHH!!!! I LOVE these pics. You so have to go into the business!! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that me kids LOVE to be with you. I litterly have to hold them back from coming down to Grandma Shannons when you are home!!! :)