Tuesday, December 14, 2010

not what it looks like. . .

. . . . okay so maybe it is what it looks like.
SUNDAY (after ward prayer):
This is my FHE (Family Home Evening) Pa, his name is Eric and he is painting my toe nails it is true.
He had never painted toe nails before so I asked him if he would do mine.
He did a great job! ha!  My toe nails are currently brown with red blotches on them (they are suppose to be dots!)
When he was finished with me it was my turn to do him.
NO I DID NOT PAINT HIS TOE NAILS! (I wanted to but he wouldn't let me. . . )
Instead I taught him, my FHE brother Joe P. and my roommates how to take care of their nails-
Ever since I was little my mom would sit each of us kids down and push back our cuticles and cut our nails and so that is what I did to them.
The boys were a bit hesitant - they claimed that no one even looks at their nails, I did it anyway.  They were surprised how great they looked.

MONDAY (after family night):
Eric and Joe both came up to me and said it was hard for them to focus because their nails were so shiny, the have never had shiny nails before "and they are so soft".  (they both told me this while looking at their nails)

TUESDAY (after waking up):
I got a text message from Joe P. that reads:
"I was helping a girl with her math yesterday when she noticed my hands and commented about how my fingernails were in perfect condition.  Perfectly round and shiny.  She finished with "You have nice hands."  Haha, if only she knew. ;)"
Oh Joe!  That made my day!

Lesson Learned:
Take care of yourself, people notice. . . besides our bodies were given to us, we should take good care of them!

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Tami said...

O how I love our little extended family :) We really need to take family pictures when we get back.