Monday, May 24, 2010

Seminary Graduation

Look at my support group! Even with out my parents, brothers and some of their families there my family still took up a whole bench! Way to represent team! My grandma and grandpa Mason were there too, but they left before we got pictures taken. Did I mention that I love my family?Last night was seminary graduation.
All the graduates showed up at six to run through the program and to have a testimony program before hand. As soon as we had sung "Be Still My Soul" for rehearsal the whole mood change! The Spirit was so strong. Everyone could feel it.
Testimony meeting was amazing. I don't even know if I could describe it, but hearing the testimonies the of my peers was heart wrenching- but I felt secure and peaceful.
The chapel at the stake center was packed. Family and friends were there to support all the graduates! (My parents and all my brothers were in Vermont. Bryan graduated from medical school on Sunday! So all of them were able to go out there to support him! I wish I could have gone too!)
I was nervous. I was one of the speakers. I haven't been s
o nervous to speak since I was a beehive. Not even going to every ward this past year as the seminary council was as scary as that night. But it went well everything went well!
One graduation down. Tomorrow I graduate high school. (sigh) I'm ready!
And of course the "Three Amigos"- The will both be going to SUU next year, and I will be on the other side of the state. . . . (sniff). I'm so glad that we were able to become such close friends and to be able to serve on Seminary council together. This year has been just simple marvelous in every way!
I had to post this picture of my beloved grandma! (: She is so darn cute I can't stand it! haha Shaylie snuck a picture! I think Grandma was saying something like, "Shaylie put that camera down!" And then as she always does she laughed and said, "you don't need any pictures of me you better delete that."

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