Monday, March 29, 2010


As many of you may know my brother Denton was a "drugstore cowboy" to say the least. I mean he had started working on a ranch before he left on his mission, but I wouldn't say long enough for him to consider himself a TRUE cowboy! Anyhow before he left he bought himself a lot of the gear: dark blue Wrangers, cowboy hats, belt buckles of all sorts, and he even went out and bought a NICE pair of tall cowboy boots!
A few months ago my brother Weston thought it would be funny to go out and buy a pair of boots. He had stolen Denton's for a few days and fell in love with them. After buying his boots Weston had the idea of wearing his boots to the airport when we go retrieve Elder Denton Mason. . . and that is where this idea generated.
We are all going to wear boots when we go get Denton off the plane! It will be so funny- we will even bring his so that he won't feel left out!
BUT Shhhhh!!! Don't let him know! It is a SURPRISE!

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The Masons said...

Drugstore cowboy. Ha Ha!! Ya, Weston borrowed Denton's boots alright, but a couple days? No no...more like a couple months, but don't tell Denton. He doesn't know! Look what he started! :)