Sunday, January 31, 2010

I Dream of GENIE

"I'm a Genie in a bottle baby. . " Yes, MOD this weekend was Genie night! We sort of "borrowed" these costumes from the Drill Team closet, it isn't like we have a Drill Team to use them anyway right?
It was kind of a last minute decision to play MOD but I'm glad we did. The five of us, Kaden came, had planned on going to the nine o'clock showing of Avatar however after driving to the theater we found a note on the window. It read: Sorry there will be NO 9 PM showing. This is the second time we have drove to the Gunnison Theater to find out the late show isn't playing. . .
We made the trip back into town and decided to go visit the Cowans. It is always a party at the Cow's house and last night was no exception. A little split juice, dressing up Edison, and a shoe battle all was marvelous time spent!
While we were at the Cows we decided to call good ol' El' Mex and order us some fried ice cream to go. When we got there there was a man leaving who asked if he could have three wishes. Chevia in response said, "You already got them: Me, her, and her!" She was pointing at me and Taylor. (Layni stayed in the car because she has a broken foot, and she thought it would be too much of a hassle to go in and come back out.) El' Mex was just about to close so we ran in, all the workers were standing at the counter. . .all looking at us. . . FINALLY the owners wife said, "Okay I HAVE to ask. . . Why are you all dressed up like that?" We laughed, finally someone asked! Usually every night we dress up someone asks, and we don't mind telling them. In fact we would rather people ask than just look at us funny, so we told her about MOD, she laughed and said it was a marvelous idea!
We took our frozen treat to Chev's house and enjoyed it's goodness there! MOD turned out to end a little early, but we all were so tired! It was a lot of magical fun!

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