Sunday, November 8, 2009

State Volleyball

State Volleyball was October the twentyninth and thirtieth. I was glad that it was the Thursday, Friday schedule this year and not the Friday, Saturday schedule because then we could play on Halloween (:
Shay and I as we were getting on the bus! This season was a lot of fun- and though we didn't have the very best record I'm still really proud of my team and thankful for the opportunity I had to play and take part. I'm really going to miss them.

....And they're off!
We played good and hard! We lost to South Summit our first game, then beat Gunnison in three on Thursday night. Friday morning we also beat Parowan in three, then we faced South Sevier- agh I hate playing South Sevier. We have such a head game against them that we never could quite overcome. I honestly think we were better than them athletic wise, player for player.. but none of that matters unless you are mentally stronger. They won in four- we took eighth place.
My coach rocks- she is a really good friend outside of sports. I respect her so much. We had another heart-to-heart. Coach Swapp gave me some good advise for my life and told me that she will always be here for me whenever I might need her. We both cried a lot..
Our last time playing together.. I honestly can't believe it is over.

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