Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy-late-Birthday to Me

This is the first post of many old one that need to me added to my blog.
October 6th was my eighteenth birthday- and I had a marvelous day! (: really it probably goes down in the books for one of my most favorite days. A lot of my friends did thoughtful things for me throughout the day, I got three bouquets of flowers (two were from Jantzen, both him and his mom ordered me some), I got a shirt from Taylor, and Kaden gave me some CDs with a very thoughtful card. We played Gunnison for volleyball that night and we slaughtered them, which was a nice finish.
Flowers for my birthday- One bouquet from my parents and the other two from Jantzen (:
My family birthday was postponed a few Sundays because my sister and I got sick, and then the little girls were sick and we didn't want it to spread any further. I had a great family birthday though. My brothers' families got me a purse which I need and absolutely love (a little insight- I LOVE PURSES). My parents ordered me a birthstone ring, that isn't here yet but I'm anxiously waiting! I can't wait until it comes, it is going to be beautiful. My mom made me Turtle Cake and it was delicious!
I'm eighteen now and I still can't believe it. I don't feel old but eighteen sounds old.
At my cousin's wedding last night my mom was talking to one of those people that say, "O you have grown up so much, I held you when you were a baby" and she was like so are you married, do you have any kids? My jaw dropped- I then said "NO! I'm only eighteen, and still in high school." That scared me, I'm growing up and I'm not sure how I feel about it.

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