Saturday, September 12, 2009

To all my Hunting Buddies:

Hunting? Me? ya right are you kidding- I like to shoot guns don't get me wrong, but only at clay pigeons. I have never been hunting in my entire life and though I think I would get a thrill from the competitive nature of it I could never bring myself to shoot such an animal.
I know, I know, "we kill 'em to eat 'em-That's why they are on this earth" I agree with this, but I still don't want to be the one to shoot the poor animal- I'm not an animal LOVER though either..I'm allergic to anything that has fur, so don't think I'm crazy!
Funny thing though- I have seen two huge four points whereas some of my hunting friends go out twice a day just to see if they can find anything and they haven't seen a thing! (: he he!

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