Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I love going to Vermont! It is so beautiful, green and o ya my family lives out there! Here are a few things that we did in Vermont.
Played crazy faces in the car!
Niah and Chole are both so talented at the bad skill don't you think?
This was a farm! Crazy huh!? They don't have farms like this where I live. We went to breakfast, may I say a FANCY breakfast at this place. It was so beautiful!
We also went and looked at beautiful old bridges!
Took a lot of pictures in the car! The girls rode with us everywhere we went and they loved to take pictures with my camera! Ha ha Niah preferably like taking pictures of shoes, the back of the seat and her chair- She told me the reason she loved taking pictures of her chair so much was so that I could remember her by it.
Many sleepovers! Very funny stories with this one. The first night the girls slept over Chloe got sick and had to go home early. But the second time they slept over they both fell asleep on me. Niah was falling of the bed in the half awake half asleep mode, but luckily I caught her in time. Good thing I don't sleep very heavy! I loved every second I got to spend with these girls.
Look at this beautiful family! Bennett's blessing was perfect and he was just so good. Their ward though is CRAZY small. The smallest ward I've ever been to.. a whole sixty some people. This missionaries came over and we all had dinner together. Both Elders were from Utah, cool huh!
O I just love this picture.
I had so much fun spending time with everyone and now I miss those girls so much! I can't wait until they come down this fall! Love you guys!
O and congrats to Bryan for doing Marvelous on his BIG test (I don't know what it is called exactly but it was HUGE I hear).

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