Wednesday, August 19, 2009

senior year!...

Well.. senior year has offically started.. whoopie! I don't know I have kind of had a bummer of a day, well two days actually. So yesterday at practice I came down from jousting a volleyball and landed on someones foot... and well I rolled it AGAIN! I went down yelling (I have noticed that I yell kind of loud when I'm in pain, sorry to all that suffered). I sat the rest of practice then went home and iced,well I actually used frozen cranberries. 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off.. I hate that routine. Then before I went to bed we wrapped in Redmond Clay.
This moring was the great "Last Frist Day of School"-bold I know. I will admit though I was a little bit excited and I think most of my classes are going to rock once they get going. Hobbling around in the halls from class to class I felt like a DORK! I mean I tried so hard to walk straight and look normal, but man I could only do so much. Seventh hour came and I had my ankle taped for cheer and volleyball so that I could practice. My practices sucked! I felt like I couldn't do anything right! I was furious with my ankle and my mind was playing games on me!
This is where my day turns to worse! After volleyball practice coach took me into the coaches room and said that I won't be playing tomorrow.. now I kind of felt this coming, and I know it is for the best.. I just wanted to play SO badly! It is pre-season and she wants me to get healed up for the real season. I just want to play- and I guess I will soon, but man I want to play now. Why does this have to happen now?
Okay so now that I've said my peace I will stop complaining! Sorry for this blog I just needed to get things off my chest a little bit.

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Janell said...

Hi Kelsie-- I'm not sure you guys are old enough to be seniors....

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