Friday, July 31, 2009

24th Celebration (part 1)

Taylor, Me, Shay, and Kaden went and watched fireworks during the 24th of July celebration (even though it was on the 23rd). We watched for the church lawn and ya know for as small as our little community is the fireworks were great!
Before the fireworks however we were kinda, well REALLY bored so we decided to play with Kaden's camera- :) need I say more?
Kaden's camera takes really cool pictures of fireworks huh!? (: I absolutely love fireworks!

After the fireworks there was a small dance that the city puts on. I love dancing- Eric was showing me some of his new swing dancin tricks that he learned at Engineering State. I love July, but now it is almost over.. school starts in less than a month and I'm not ready to start back up again. I've enjoyed myself way too much!

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