Wednesday, August 5, 2009

24th of July (part 2)

There is always a celebration in our small community for the 24th of July. A parade, followed by games, a Road Rally then to finish off with the Burn out. We went to a breakfast that the church puts on every morning followed by the primary parading around in Pioneer attire and decorated bikes. Then we headed over to the larger parade, I was in it with the cheerleaders/mini cheerleaders. It was a perfect day for a parade, warm but overcast! I didn't go to the games this year, instead I came home and fell asleep.. (that really sounds like I'm a party pooper, but I really was tired!) We did the road rally, and despite the fact that we took first last year.. well lets just say we started eighth and were beat by people who started 25th.. ya not the best. We had a lot of fun though, Grandma RueLeen said that it was the funnest one yet! (: Last but not least the burn out, it was my first year going and a lot of fun at that! It was fun to see the different cars and the actual "burning" of the tires was quite entertaining.. I'm just glad I wasn't sitting in the seats that kept getting covered by the smoke! (:
I LOVE MY GRANDMA WITH ALL MY HEART! This is her enjoying our adventures!
As a challenge Shay had to push me around the baseball diamond, we did pretty good considering that I was the eyes.. she almost dumped me out though... I saw my life flash before my eyes!
We did the Little Tea Pot for the next clue we needed to move on.
Pa doing the Dancing for extra points after the Road Rally. This was a bonus that we needed to at least make our score look a little bit better.

I only got pictures of the Road Rally.. so you will just have to imagine all the other adventures of the day.

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mason said...

GOOD TIMES!!! THanks for being such an awesome sister in law.