Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Valley Forge

Valley Forge Pennsylvania was so wonderful! The weather was perfect and I had the time of my life! I met so many new people and learned so many new things! I would do anything to do it again!
Me, Danelle, Brynn and Bree! I really am so lucky to have met all these new people!

Matt, me and Sam. These two were my buddies through and through!
This is Jarret! Ha ha he kept us entertained... can't you tell? For the talent show all the Utah kids sang "Book of Mormon Stories" when we were done the kid who took this picture just looked at me and said.. "well you guys aren't going to win." Ya I don't think everyone liked our singin, but it was way fun!
Okay you caught me I was hittin on some statue man.. I can't remember his name
The best sandwich I have ever eatin! Yum! it was so so so good!

My Friends!... Me, Julie, Breea, Brynn, Rebeka, and Jarret
More Friends!
Deven, me and James
Wayne and I.. I didn't know Wayne until the last day. He came up to me and said "Gurl your hair is so beautiful and lush, I just have to have a picture! I've noticed you all weekend and man your like a model!" ha ha! I couldn't help but laugh! I mean his accent was so thick and he was so serious! He was really nice too!
Brynn, Breea, Matt and I this was taken at Liberty Bell
The Liberty Bell.. intense huh!?
The Utah Chapter! there were 31 of us all Mormon. The other students would come up to us and ask if we were from Utah because there were so many of us.
I love looking out the window on an airplane. This was on the flight home
An end to a beautiful trip!


Melissa said...

Looks like you had a great time. THat brings back so many memories for me. I loved looking at the all the pictures. Don't you wish it could have lasted longer than 4 days?

Halie and Michael said...

Yep I have been wondering about your new address:) Sounds like an awsome trip. Looking at all of your pictures I can't believe how many people from little ole NS that I don't know.