Sunday, March 22, 2009

Prom Night

The "Pick-Up" picture!

The "Redneck Limo"
Sorry It's Blurry!
I wonder what I was thinking..
During the Promenade

Prom Song: "When I'm With You"- Faber Drive
I really enjoyed dancing with my dad
My Dad and I got to dance! He was so nervous! we were going to practice before, but we didn't find time.. He did pretty good though!
Ahh! look at our shoes! ha ha! our dresses were so puffy

The Three Amigos
Taylor was my escort and dance partner
Shay and I.. she really isn't taller than me yet... she just has high heels on and I don't (:

My Parents and I
Hoss and I were Second attendant in the Royalty

All the Royalty

So tired.....zzzzzzzzzz

You know how people always say "Prom is SO over Rated.."? well I totally disagree, I had so much fun! Here is a look at the great night I had... P.S. There will be more pictures to come!
Sorry some of the pictures are a bit fuzzy!


Heather said...

My Kelsie Dawn! I can't believe you're old enough to go to Prom! You know you'll always be my freshman! I really wish I could have been there! Sorry, but it looks like you had such an amazing night! You looked absolutely Gorgeous! I love you dress, I'm not so sure about the shoes, but hey-it's totally you! I agree with you--everyone says prom is so overrated, but mine was so great too! It was one of my favorite memories in high school. Maybe it all about the attitude, but I had a great time and I'm glad to hear you did too! Love you girl and hope to see you soon!

Adam and Dev said...

I'm glad you had a great time at prom...I remember how fun mine was! Your dress is gorgeous! I love the color :)