Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Today's creation
The Poster was too long I couldn't get it all together
Me a paintin.. Sorry about the short-shorts, but I just got home from cheer practice

okay okay- so I have to admit... One of the main reasons that I tried out for cheer my freshmen year was because I wanted to paint the signs! I know kinda lame huh!?, but I just love doing them!
First off I roll the paper down the middle of the floor (it's so much more convenient with the new addition. I use to have to go in the garage.. brr!) The I get out my specific paint plates (plates we won from the Forth of July games) then I bring in my box of multi-colored paints.. which by the way I am now officially out of red. I always just free-hand my signs.. It does save me a lot of time, unless I mess up, then I have to start all the way over (and trust me it does happen!) But most of the time I can just look at the paper, and pretty much know how I want it to look.
Today after I finished painting my good luck sign for Mack (p.s. Good Luck to the Girls B-Ball team tomorrow! Take State!) my sister-in-law Sandi came in and while we were admiring the poster she asked if I knew how many signs I have made. Well I don't know for sure, but I bet it is at least thirty.. at least

The only other picture of one of my posters


Adam and Dev said...

That's so funny...sign-painting is SO FUN! I love it too! Maybe all the sign-painting I did in high school contributed to my being an "art major" ha ha.

Cade & Mel said...

I liked painting signs too, but I wasn't very good at it. Yours look amazing.