Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ashley and I my Freshmen Year
Ashley and I my Junior Year

Ashley and I grew up together, our backyards connect, hence we were best friends. We used to play almost everyday. One of the things I remember the most is when we would hang blankets from wall to wall down the hallway so there were section-like rooms. These "rooms" were used to be bedrooms, offices or my favorite space ships. We would always find some crazy game to think up. (I used to beg her to let us play her barbies, but she didn't like playing them with me-I don't know why..)
Anyways moving on.. Ashley has taken dance with me since forever. We started when we were three from a lady named Madaline, then we were part of a group called STARZ, then Ashley's mom started teaching. Since we were little we have always had our picture taken together. (Sorry I didn't dig out the rest-I just found these ones).
Since we have gotten older we have grown apart..somewhat, but we still have those memories to look back on. This year Ash was my back-spot, she is way good and I'm glad that I have the time to spend with her before everything changes for good. Ashley will be graduating this year, and I am going to miss her.

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