Sunday, January 18, 2009

Random Cheer Pictures!

top: Kylie, Abbie, Me, Taylor
bottom: Ashlie, Jalessa
We got into trouble when we were taking this picture.. see we had this plan to set our cameras on a timer so we could get a picture of us jumping into the air.. well we jumped the first time and it was too early so we got back on the bench and jumped again. (As you can see we didn't quite accomplish our goal) The pricipal of the school told us to knock it off, that we were going to break the bench. I felt really bad and really stupid. This picture is kinda funny though.
Mishealle, me and Shaylee cheerin at the wrestles.. Ya know we have a lot of down time at wrestling matches between weigh-ins and the actually matches. So we end up taking a lot of pictuers. (the other two didn't get the face pulling memo)
Brinely, Mishealle, Shaylee, and Me.. at the wrestles

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