Sunday, January 18, 2009


Kaden, Taylor, Kami, Hillary and I went Bowling Friday night after a yummy Wingers dinner! I hadn't been bowling in who knows how long. But I ended up doing pretty good! I took third, second, then FIRST! yea me! You have to understand this is your true hometown, old school, retro bowling alley! and O! we had a hallarious time, we stayed until it closed.
Clock wise from the top: Kami, Hillary, Me, Taylor, and Kaden
Keeping score.. I don't know how to do it.. so Taylor and Kaden did

Hillary, Taylor, and Kami keeping score.
My dance move after bowling a strike! (The pins were back up when the picture was taken, but I really did get a strike)
Really really close up picture!

Taylor and I after a long night of bowling!

Look I won! with 104 points!..

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Hillary Sue said...

Hey Kels,
Bowling was so much fun! We need to do it more often. And your blog is so cute.