Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Prom Shoes!

Prom is on March 20th! And on Monday since it was Martin Luther King Jr. Day.. aka no school my mom and I went PROM DRESS SHOPPING! since it was like the only day I have open that we could fit it into my schedule! Any ways I found the most beautiful dress, but since I can't let my date see it before the dance I won't post pictures of it but it is so-o-o-o-o-o pretty! It is pink and sparkly not too poofy, but there is a little poof going on! I can't wait till I get it and just to put it on- o and I really really really can't wait till prom.

Any how, so after we found the dress my mom said I needed shoes. My friend Kinz and I decided that we are going to wear converse/rocketdogs to our prom! because:
1.) we have to walk down a lot of stairs. did I say a lot I mean TONS!
2.)heels are hard to dance in
3.)how fun is it going to be to tell your kids you wore bright converse/rocketdogs to your prom?
4.)Kinz has really big feet and is accident pron
5.)re-use them!
Kinz already got hers too, they are ti-dyed purple orange with smiley faces and peace signs embrodered on them. When I first told my mom that she was, I will say a bit hesitant, but as more and more people told her what shoes they wear she gave in! I found this SWEET shoes at Famous Footwear and absolutely fell in LOVE! What do you think? When we told my Grandma RueLeen she thought we were kidding..I still don't think she really believes I'm going to wear them!
Getting all this stuff is making me anxious for prom and well we still have like 2 plus months.. dang..

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Halie and Michael said...

I love the music on your blog! I need to figure out how to do those kind of things.