Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Elder Mason

Elder Garcia and Elder Mason
Elder Mason, Member, Elder Garcia

Touring Grand Cayman
Touring Grand Cayman
Touring Grand Cayman
This is his Chirstmas stocking

I have no clue what this is...

Okay- I know I've been bad to update on my brother.. oops! But I really do love him! A lot! He was transferred to the Grand Caymans a good while before Christmas! He says it is heaven compared to Jamaica, I guess in the Grand Caymans people live quite highly, even higher than America. Compared to Jamaica where people are crowded and living on the streets. He even met some med students there that know some people we know (if that makes sense?).. small world huh?! He absolutely loves the people, he says they are so generous, caring, and open minded. One thing he says he will never do though is going on a cruise now that he has lived in these popular tourist locations. He says the people that get off the ship have no clue.. :) but that doesn't change my mind about a cruise! :)

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Nat said...

I love the pictures. Denton looks like he's having a good time. It's hard to believe he has been out for almost a year. I wish I was him on a nice, warm island. Instead, I'm sitting here with two feet of snow and there's more coming down. Brrrr.