Saturday, September 20, 2008

Homecoming Date

My homecoming date was fun! I must admitt I was a little worried because the boys had lost their football game the night before and they were a bit mad..(I lied they were really mad) But Saturday, everything went good. We went up to Willow Creek and paintballed! I love playing paintball it is one of my all time favorites! We were in a group with four other couples. The boys cooked us lunch up there and then we play about four rounds of paintball! My team won every round but I only shot one person the entire day!

Then we came home and got ready for the dance! My dress was blue and sparkly! It took me forever to find a cute MODEST one. There was hardly any dresses to be found when my mom and I went shopping for one, but our patience and hard work paid off! I loved my dress! Tanner came and picked me up for the dance around nine. We had pictures taken with our group then all of us danced for a while. Dancing was so much fun I love it! Tanner and I started dancing all twirly, like Shane and I used to! Some couples even wanted to have dance offs, but they were no match for us!

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tyandbrandie said...

Kelsie, I love your dress! Modest is hottest! Glad you had a great time!