Friday, August 15, 2008

This is my second family! for real! From left to right we have Danielle, she is the big sista and the one who loves and watches out for all of us!; Mama PQ, the BOSS is the one who takes care of us in and outside of the pool seriously, I love her to death!; Kelsha-kelsh is next, she is the peace maker the one who just is mellow and happy no matter what; my bestest friend Kinzie Rob Robins, she is a new one at the pool, the one who gets all of the odd hours and the gross jobs! ha ha!, I was there once too!; Jenny from the Brooke pretends to be tough, but she is just a softy at heart!; then me, aka cupcake; Kasta Mae aka Princess is happy and go lucky! I love love love working with her, I can depend on her and she makes things seem better than they are! Twitta, or Krista is the manager, second in charge! She is pretty gullable, I must say and we take advantage of it quite often! Brady, Krista's husband is the chemical man! the one who keeps the pool up and running! With out him we wouldn't be or have anything! We give him a lot of crap, but he has to love us! I have so much fun at the pool! It is the best place to work seriously!

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