Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Enchanting trails and life is swell.

This is the path I walk to school everyday.
It is a little risky 
Notice the top of "steps" in the right picture. Dangerous.
Isn't it just enchanting.

As of Sunday I am officially in the month of lasts- meaning I have one month before I am sleeping in the MTC (Missionary Training Center). A month isn't very long, so I am trying to cherish all the little moments I have now before I leave- before my whole life changes. (Good changes of course.)

So much happens in a course of a day that is so significant in a person's life, but yet so simple that we take these amazing things for granted. . .

I especially love the moments that we can all relate to- and so I have made a list.
Please enjoy my list-

That moment when:

The juice from my apple runs down my wrist and I think, 'that is one good apple'.

I laughed at the girl in my family finance class for doing the head-bob, then realized
I was the victim of the 'bob' during my next class.

My ceramics teacher said I was doing well- I swear I am going to fail that class

I suddenly realized how hot I was in my class and I couldn't get my jacket 
off fast enough.

I roll my ankle walking on flat ground, people were watching, it was funny-

I realized I can't do more than 10 push-ups at a time anymore. . . 
I working on it!

I wake up refreshed because I got more than six hours of sleep - and then realized
I missed my first class, again

No one heard my witty comment, but I laughed anyway.

Fresh night air filled my lungs on an evening run.

My muscles rejoice with the burn of a workout.

I get caught up in my scriptures and end up reading for over an hour,
making me late for class- blessings in heaven right?

An amazing song came on the radio and I sang every word even
though I haven't heard it in a long time.

Prayers are answered

I re-remember that it is fall break this weekend.

I know exactly what I want to wear and all my clothes are clean.

The tree outside my window sprinkles the earth with
golden leaves.

A friend says you are beautiful and is sincere about it.

A cinnamon candle makes your room feel festive- and Christmas like!
(I will miss two Christmas's I need to get all I can now.)

I realize over and over how blessed I am.

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~Aubrie Rose.. said...

I love:
1. the pictures of our path
2. that you defined MTC... I thought it stood for Mormon Tabernacle Choir
3. 25 pushups by the end of the week!
4. lists
5. you <3