Sunday, August 26, 2012

I salute you Mister.

He looked up and saluted the flag with honor and sincerity then put his hand back on the stirring-wheel and continued to drive up the freeway. He didn't know anyone was watching and yet he changed my life.  I don't know whether that particular flag meant something or if it was just his respect and honor for the symbolism that it holds, but he was wonderful.

I was driving my Durango up to Logan on Tuesday on my move back to this lovely Valley. Just off I-15 there are some warehouses and on top of one particularly high building flies the American flag. The flag has been there for as long as I can remember and never before have I thought anything of it. But watching this man be so respectful and so sincere caught me off guard.

I have been blessed with the opportunity of living in such a wonderful country. I am free to take pictures, to drive, to eat food I want. I am free to go to school, to have friends of all walks of life, I am free to have religion in my life and to worship the way I want. I am free. Free to read, to write, to state my opinion and to choose for myself the course of my life. I can't even comprehend life without the opportunities that these freedoms have provided me.

And it wasn't until this man saluted this flag that I realized for myself the symbol of sacredness that the American Flag has. 

The rest of the drive to Logan I noticed the flags I passed along the road. Our country is free and as long as these flags fly there will be happiness in this country. The example that this man in the car next to mine set has been burned into my mind. This man who defines his character by the this act even though he didn't know anyone was watching. 

Let that flag fly and let it fly high forever.

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