Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Mom. My Wedding. My Memory

Sometimes I want time to stop. Or memories to last forever.
Sometimes I want to "Plan my Wedding" with my mom just a little bit longer.
Laying across my bed with my laptop open while my mom sits beside looking at wedding photographers and Pinterest boards.

We laugh at some decorations, comment on creativity, and plan for my one day wedding.
Where will we have it?
What will my colors be?
Wedding line?
You know, all the wonderfully, fun, fluffy stuff that I used to draw pictures of as a little girl.

Then the oven timer goes off, and she has to leave to finish making dinner.
Part of me wants to beg her not to leave an just let the food burn on the stove, but I don't.
She leaves. She has to. Time doesn't stop.
Just like all car rides come to an end, and how all Sundays melt into Mondays.

But today I cherished this fifteen minutes we had together.

These simple things are the things I will miss most when I am gone.

As far as today's wedding planning went. . . would you like to see the goods?

And then go here to see what my wedding video is going to be like. 
Mom and I LOVE it! Original. Me. and my husband-to-be I am sure.