Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ladies and Lunch

Shay graduates tomorrow-
I think I am more sad for her to graduate than I was when I graduated.
But to celebrate our last whoo-raw before she leaves town for a while
Mom, Grandma, Shay and I went to lunch.

Good company,
lots of laughing and 
Mexican food makes me happy.

. . . .Shay must have missed the yellow memo

I am said to look like Grandma
and Shay looks like my mom. . . A lot like my mom.
And yet every Sunday I go to my homeward 
a little girl named Sarah asks if we are twins. . . 
and every week we tell her that we are just sisters. . . 
But she always laughs and claims we are teasing her.

Look at this picture. . . Do I have a bum chin?

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