Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hello Spring-Life, Letters, and Sunshine.

Dearest Dill Pickle,

Remember that you have already been called. "And if ye have desires to serve, then ye are called to the work." Fear is not God, confidence and love are.

We are best friends. . . tighter than my suit pants four months into the mission.

Did you know that the last letter I got from you I looked up, said 'thank you', kissed the envelope and ran away to read it alone?

                                 Your Slurpee Sipping Friend.

Hello warm weather.
I am so happy that you have come early this year- I have missed you. I am especially glad that you have arrived just in time for me to begin my training. Yes, I know there are going to be a few more storms that come and go before you are here to settle in, but I think I can manage as long as you promise to come back quickly.
I want to also add that I love the life that you bring into the world. The earth is waking up from hibernation, birds are greeting the sun each morning with song and people have become unhidden from within the walls of their homes.
Welcome Spring-time. I think you are wonderful and I hope you have a splendid few months. . . But remember that summer is on his way, and if though I care for you a lot Spring, Summer and I, well we are in love.
Thanks for everything,
Kelsie Dawn

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