Monday, September 5, 2011

Simple Surprises.

While waiting to move my laundry I decided to look at some of the pictures on my computer. 
This is what I found:
I don't know when my miss Halee took these but they are lovely.

Friday was an emotional roller coaster.

  • My classes went well
  • I went to Religion and Life
  • Talked to the Missionaries
  • My heart was broken
  • I met with my Relief Society President
  • Recruited girls for IWA (Institute Women's Association)
  • Cried some
  • Helped cops look for a drunk man
  • Danced the night away
  • Fell asleep eating popcorn 
I wouldn't change that day for anything.  But I am glad everyday is not that extreme.  

Halee, this made me smile.  
Thank you for being beautiful, spunky, seriously silly, and absolutely perfect!  
Thank you for taking crazy pictures on my computer-  I
 miss you!  Never forget that I love you!


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Anonymous said...

this is from Halee, Oh oh i'm caught and in trouble, but glad you liked them, love and miss you. Halee