Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Simply Marvelous Life. Tami

Tami is gorgeous!  I mean check out those eyes!
This girl was my room-roommate (emphasis on the room part).
When I first got the names and emails of my roommates to be Tami and I had a connection.
We would write back and forth a few times a day-
and for not knowing her, that is a big deal!

We decided then and there that we were going to room together in D4.
At the beginning we were both kind of shy,
but as the days went on I got to know this girl like she was family.
In fact she was my home-away-from-home family.

This past year we have been through a lot together.
Many late nights were spent talk about boys in our beds, doing cheer kicks in our bedroom,
and venting about the mishaps of the day.
We shared Spiritual moments, did baptisms for the dead quite often,
and each morning waking up was both a treat and entertaining- 
I was there when Jayson purposed, I took engagement pictures 
and even though I am going to miss her dearly next year I am so happy for her!

Here is to you Tami!  Congratulations on your SIMPLY MARVELOUS LIFE!
Tami Norma Avery (soon to be Nielsen)

Childhood Ambitions: 
Oh man which one? Well after I decided I couldn’t be Pocahontas and John Smith, I went through several roles: Mom, vet, pro softball pitcher, & artist.

Wildest Dream: 
To go to Africa and see all the exotic animals.

Current Reading:
Take Time to Smell the Dandelions by Karla C. Erikson

Any love song, but particularly When I’m with You by Faber Drive

My families range ground in the mountains. It is so peaceful and beautiful. I love it!

First Job: 
Doing odd jobs for my Grandma Avery if that counts, but if not then cleaning condos.

Last Purchase: 
Gas so I could go visit my amazing fiancé : )

My mom and Grandmas. They are both such strong loving women. I hope I can be as good a mother as they all are. My mom has to deal with me, Grandma Avery fought breast cancer and is still chugging along, and Grandma Neibaur had 13 children and still holds Grandpa’s hand. They are so cute!

Proudest Moment: 
Leading my softball team to state as the pitcher two years in a row. I got to see all of the extra hours and hard work pay off.

Biggest Challenge: 
Living far away from someone I love and being positive about it.

Hidden Talent: 
I can make a little shirt out of a dollar. Yep I have some mean origami skills. I also have a great talent for mixing up my words. Really I do. One day I said, “I keep uping my words mixed.” Yes I did this on accident. Still not sure how I managed to do that.

Something you have yet to do:
See the ocean and Northern lights, but don’t worry I will someday. Go fishing. Get married (coming soon).

Writings (blog): 
Simplicity. You all should definitely follow my blog.

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