Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Simply Marvelous Life. Randi!

DRUMROLL PLEASE! . . . . . . 
. . . . . . . . . . . 
I have started a new blog post series! 
I am calling it:
I am going to feature people who have marvelous life's here on my blog . . . because if you haven't noticed life IS SIMPLY MARVELOUS!  and basically I just have really cool friends who I want everyone to meet!  Pretty much I am super excited about this!  Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!  

Tell me what you think!  

Randi from Life and Times of a Miss.

Childhood Ambitions:
I wanted to be an odd assortment of things that ranged from an artist, to a writer, to a horse trainer, to a seamstress, to a professional baton twirler, to a ballerina, and then to an actress. Basically, anything that would put me in the spotlight. I was a rambunctious child.

Wildest Dream:
I have this crazy ambition to go on the Amazing Race with my father. We watch the show dedicatedly and we will be on it someday! They actually came to my home town for auditions a year and a half ago; my father and I printed off an application but we got to the last page and it said that both teammates had to be 21. Boo. So give us two more years and we’ll be racing around the world. I think it would be a grand opportunity to be able to spend that time with my dad, racing around the world while doing unbelievable things, plus we’re hilarious together.

Current Reading:
Oh, I love to read almost more than anything else in the world. So that means that I’m constantly reading at least five books at a time. Hearts of the Children, Vol 4: Take Me Home by Dean Hughes (stupendous series), Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Blue Moon by Alyson Noel, A Twenty-Something’s Guide to Spirituality: Questions You Hesitate to Ask, Answers You Rarely Hear edited by Jacob Werret and David Read, Emma and Lucy by Gracia M. Jones, and the Book of Mormon.

Lately it’s been The Script, The Fray, Kate Earl, and Adele.

Outdoors. I love to camp and being in the mountains is just so peaceful to me. Of course, the beach isn’t bad either.

First Job:
I cleaned my father’s offices for a while. Then I got a real job like a normal teenager and worked at Maurice’s in the mall.

Last Purchase:
Milk, cheese sticks, and hairspray.

My family, my friends, and everyone out there who has an amazing blog that I “repeatedly visit” a.k.a. stalk obsessively.

Proudest Moment:
The day I went repelling off a 100 ft cliff. Heights terrify me to the point of tears. So I cried, got past my immobilizing fear, and then repelled.

Biggest Challenge:
Yikes. I would have to say that I’m very critical of my appearance. I’m much too hard on myself.

Hidden Talent:
Well….I think I have great decorating skills. I can read really fast. I can twist my thumb backwards. I think I’ll end there before things get too weird. Maybe that’s why they call them “hidden talents”.

Something you have yet to do:
Oh, many, many things like work in the orphanages in Ecuador, run a marathon, travel, find the man of my dreams, graduate from college, and make a difference in the world.
But for today? Laundry.

Writings (blog):
I write Life and Times of a Miss. I started it about a year ago and slowly, I’ve started to find my writing voice and figure out what kind of blogger I am. I mainly started to write it because I knew it would be a good way for my family to know what I was doing while away from home. Right now, my blog is just bits and pieces of random things that happen to me while I’m in college (like the time my apartment manager saw me in my bathrobe) and it’s a place for me to write about how I’m trying to balance life, family, friends, and college with some funny stuff along the way.


Randi Lynn said...

I feel crazy famous now.

_kArLy[*] said...

yay! i love this! she is too cute! fun blog you have! :)