Friday, February 11, 2011

award?. . .Sweet!

So, today I turned on my computer.
Checked Facebook.  Checked my aggiemail.  Check Blackboard (that is where I look at my grades).  Then checked my Blog. . . after all that is what my routine is every time I get on my computer.
When I looked at my Blog I saw that I had a comment.  Comments to me are a big deal!  A simple comment is like the "sultan of swat", the king of crash", "the colossus of clout". (emphasis) "THE COLOSSUS OF CLOUT!"  
*name that movie! (:
I got a comment from a new friend today! Her name is K'Brina Colby.
-Funny thing is, she said that she "stalks my blog". . . little does she know that I stalk hers.
K'Brina is an awesome photographer and I really enjoy her work!
Anyway. . . K'Brina awarded me with this "Stylish Blogger Award" and I am quite happy about it!
It always makes me happy to know that people actually read my blog. . . 
For some reason I always think that there are just a select few who take the time to look at what I have to say- It pleases me to know otherwise!  (:
So thank you K'Brina for this and for finally bridging our "Blogger Friendship"!
Psst. . .can we take pictures together sometime?

So the rules go like this:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award
2. Share 7 facts about yourself
3. Award 7 new bloggers with the award (and comment them so they know they've won!)

. . . . so her goes my Seven things about me that you may not know:

1.  I like to dress-up!

My senior year of high school my friends and I would dress up almost every weekend!  We were MOD-Sisters!  (Masters Of Disguise).  And since it has only maximized!  I love dressing up!  Simple as that.

2.  I climb things.

Everything that I am capable of climbing I climb-  Sometimes I will just go up to something to see if I am strong enough to lift my body up and onto it!  I don't know where this came from. . . I haven't always been this way.

3. I love summer.  

Everything about it and that comes from it. . . I love the way the sun warms my body, the smells, the water, the plants, and the glowing tan that I get! (:  

4. I hate using public restrooms! 

I will do anything that I can to stay away from them- even if it means doing the pee dance until I get home!  Blah!  they are so gross-

5. I love chewing [and cracking] gum.  

Sometimes I will stick in a new fresh piece of gum right after I spit out a piece that has been chewed for an hour or so.  At times I chew so much gum that it makes my jaw ache, but I love gum so much that I can't stop.  (I have recently discovered that chewing a half stick of gum is just as good as chewing a full stick- AND it doubles the amount of fresh gum I can chew!)

6. I love writing in my journal!  

I take it with almost everywhere I go- so that when I am bored I can just pull it out and start to right.  I used to think that writing five pages in my journal was a lot, but now it is just a regular day's worth of words.  My journal has become my best friend at times and there are things with in it that I never want to loose, memories and lessons that I hope will filter through my generations.

7.  I love driving, but driving with tons of people makes me really nervous.  

However, moving to college and having the largest vehicle means that I often get the privilege to drive. . . and even though it still makes me nervous I have learned to get over it. . . sort of.

Now for the Awarding Part:
I know there are eight awards instead of seven. . . 
So what if I suck at following directions?


The Higgs' said...

The movie is Sandlot!! It is currently a favorite at our house right now. I think my kids could recite the whole thing. Love it!

And I love reading your blog.

Nat said...

I will get my 'tag' post up soon! I love reading your blog even though I don't always comment. We're coming to Utah in April! We need to see you, so plan on going home to Aurora the last weekend of April! :) Chloe said she wants you to come to our house because you are nice and let her play with your make-up!