Friday, December 31, 2010

Hey it is New Years Eve.  Wow, another year has came and gone.
It is crazy how much has changed in the past 365 days, and it leaves me wondering how much will be different in a year from now.

A big year for me:
I search colleges
I prayed lots- AND received answers
I found my new home
Denton came home from his Mission
I started falling in love with photography
I graduated
Church History Trip
Shane came home
Said goodbye to dear friends
Moved away from home
Made all new friends
Rekindled with old friends
Cried more (close tie with my Freshman year of high school)
I have been humbled
I have become MORE independent
Realized a few of my talents

A year ago today I was antsy preparing for our Annual New Years Eve Party.  Deven was coming over and all I could do was wait for the seconds to past by.  I changed my clothes like three times (probably more than that, but I will just say three) and I couldn't settle down- I was hyper.  Deven only stayed for dinner and after chasing the kids around the house he left. I went to the Sanders's home and then to the stake dance with my dear friend Chevia.
Today however I have no party plans.  I am taking pictures around three thirty.  Then the annual New Years Eve Dinner Party- but that is all. . . my night is still young- what adventures will await me?

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