Sunday, August 29, 2010

we mean business.

Freshmen Orientation: Success!  I love USU
I came home yesterday I left around one and didn't make it home until eleven o'clock at night!  ahh!  My trip home regularly takes three and a half hours, but it took me ten hours to get home!
Well long story short I made it to Provo around two thirty, I stopped to talk to a few friends.  At three as I was getting ready to leave my car wouldn't start. . . .
We did all we could think of to fix it- battery, gas, cooling off. . . nothing.  Luckily for me I come from a family of diesel servicing and so I called home.  I had to wait for my brother, Weston, to come rescue me.  He drove up one of our service trucks and a huge trailer.
As you can tell from the picture when my family does business we mean business!

Here is a quick shout out to all those who helped me! Thank you!

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