Friday, July 9, 2010

When I grow up. . .

I plan out my life. It is just one of those things I do. I plan out all the little details and lately I have been planning out the home I want to live in. Does anyone else do this?
I want my home to be friendly, fresh and family-friendly! I love these designs my Candice Olson. I think she is an amazing designer and she has wonderful color pallets! (I also love the touches of sparkle that she puts through out her rooms)In my home I will have a library. I place where my family and I can go to share the magic of words! I specifically want a shelf where my journals and family history can be treasured and read!
I need a porch, with stairs. Some people have a particular spot to think and get away from the world, and well the porch is mine, especially in the summer when my body can be warmed by the sun and I can look out at the marvelous view across the street.
I want trees in my yard. Big ones that my children can climb and that we can tie a swing from. I want a tree that will drop leaves so that during the fall months the beautiful golden colors will float to the ground to by enjoyed by my kids!

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Warrior Princess said...

hahaha!! me too!! i plan it all!