Thursday, May 6, 2010

Poked and Prodded

I went to the doctor today.
My mom wanted me to get checked for Mono. And for the record I was exposed to it, a girl on my softball team had it- I didn't get it from kissin' anyone! (:
I have a swollen gland. Yes, just one swollen lymphoid. I didn't really notice it until last night. My neck was aching, I don't think it had ever hurt like that before and then I felt my gland. It was Ginormous! My mom gave me a muscle relaxer to try and get my muscles in my neck to loosen. And for another record anything stronger than Ibuprofen really takes a toll on me. I basically died last night. This morning when I woke up I was so loopy, I couldn't function to save the life of me!
Back to the doctor's office. . .
My mom checked me out of school early.
We went to the hospital.
I was gagged, pinched, and poked.
Then I was sent to get blood work done, as well as a cat scan.
The Cat scan was interesting.
I've never had one.
I had to get an I.V. (first time ever) so that they could put some sort of liquid dye in my body. It made the inside of my body so hot. As the heat moved through out my body the warmth made me feel like I had peed my pants. I DIDN'T! Thank goodness! That would have been so embarrassing! Holding my breath during my cat scan as hard too. I felt like I was going to suffocate because it took so long before the machine said I could breath again!
Went back to the Doctor's office.
I don't have Mono. Yeah!
But he doesn't know what is wrong with me exactly.
As of now I'm home again on doctor's orders to drink lots a fluid, get plenty of rest, take pain relievers and to come back in a week or to for a follow up.
Now I'm playing the waiting game.
This is a picture of my arms. The one on the right was where they drew my blood and the one on the left is where I got my I.V. It wasn't too bad, but this is all the proof I have of this day.

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