Sunday, May 9, 2010

Photo Extravaganza

When Kaden gets new technology (Camera) we play with it.
Simple as that.

I took these:

Kaden took these:

And sometimes we found ourselves getting a little bit bored:

Kaden became friends with a cow.
And we were scared of this old house.
O the things we come up with in a small town!

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Team Cowan said...

I LOVE these pictures. My favorite one of Kaden is the second one. It's perfect. And I love the one of you with the 2010 on your hand (very cool. very clever.) and the one after it that's kind of wonky. You guys should both be models AND photographers! :)

btw - the word verification that I have to type in to publish my comment is "foxies." Totally fitting. ;)