Monday, February 8, 2010


I am taking two art classes this semester and I absolutely love both of them. I am taking Art Foundations through the school, and I am taking Art 1010 (it is an Ed Net class). I love Art Foundations because I get to draw all hour long, I have never really taken an art class before and where it has always come natural for me I absolutely love learning different techniques and tricks. I also love my Art Foundations class because Shaylie is in it with me! We hardly talk during the class because we are so focused on our work, but I enjoy her company! O and not to be prideful or anything but we are the best ones in the class. . . (:
My Art 1010 class I have thoroughly enjoyed as well. In this class I have learned how everything can be seen with an artistic point of view. I have also learned a lot of background and theories on why people developed the art they did during different areas.

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