Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween Weekend

Halee, Rilee, Boston and Stratton
Niah, Chloe, and Bennett
Swayzee and Addison
Saturday Bryan and his family came down to spend the weekend. Bryan and his family are going to be in Utah for the next three months why he does some rotation and interviews in Utah and Idaho.
I spent all day playing with Niah and Chloe (: We played flower babies, puppies, and even the Wii, sorta. Then we all got in our costumes and went to the Primary Halloween party- the kids went to Trunk-or-Treat while I went to play with my friends.
Taylor, Kinz, Kaden and I were going to go trick-or-treating after we went to Syder's family's Halloween party. But we ended up staying there the rest of the night (: I had a lot of fun just hanging out in our costumes and messing around.
I also had a lot of firsts that night (: but that is a different story..
Stratton and Bennett- the two nephews playing together (:
Sunday after church we had a huge family dinner.. all my bothers and their families came over. That means there were nineteen of us within the walls of my home, good thing we built on. Jantzen came over to say goodbye to me before he went back to college and my mom made him play his guitar for everyone! Ha ha Jantzen was pleased too he likes to play for people and he is really good. My nieces all got a little love struck when he walked in, it is really funny to see them swoon over him!
It was a very fun weekend!

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