Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fishies in the Tub! What?

Firstly I want to ask the question: What is it with boys and my bathroom? They always want to use it... to ask me to dances that is!
Yes- today I was asked to homecoming. I went to Millard after school today because we had a volleyball game, unfortunately after we got there it was canceled because of the power outage from the fires. The road we came on was also closed so we had to take the long way home. One thing good that came from it though was that we didn't have to practice today, but I am really bummed that we didn't get to play. It would have been another "W" for our team.
I came home and saw this all over the floor- my first thought was that Swayzee had been playing with the marbles again and the mess hadn't been cleaned up yet. This however was not the leftovers from a child's game.
I soon realized that it was a trail, a trail that led into my bathroom!
The tub wall said this! Cute huh!?
And then I had to find these.. The first letter I found was the "Y" so I instantly knew who it was that had asked me, but enjoyed finding the rest of the marbles! :) Taylor is one of my best friends and I'm so excited to be going with him! It will be a great night!
And these are my new pets- and I'm not even allergic to them! Yeah! But my mom says I can't keep them in the tub.. anyone have any ideas?
I also got some fishy food (for me- I can't feed fish to fish.. it would be an abomination!) I can't wait until Homecoming!


Team Cowan said...

Don't worry about what to do with the fish. They'll be dead within a few days. :) But congrats! You guys will have an AWESOME time!

mason said...

Oh...how fun. We have some leftover fish food. I will bring it to ya!!