Sunday, August 9, 2009

August 9th..

is a wonderful day....
Firstly it was my parents' Anniversary! (: yea them... I'm not sure how many years I think it is thirty something... My mom remembered, but unfortunately my dad didn't. The funny thing about it though was that he married a couple yesterday (Saturday) and told the groom NEVER to forget his anniversary, then he went on to say that his was coming up soon. The thing was that my dad didn't even realize that it was the next day (: My mom laughed at him but wasn't mad.

Now I know this is a really old picture (almost a year and a half old) but I always think of Shane's crazy personality when I look at it! (: Shane turned 20 today- Happy birthday buddy.. wow he is kinda old huh!?

It has been a wonderful day starting with a sleep in, then church and missionary prep. I love Sundays! I have a huge week ahead of me.. Rory's Funeral, Volleyball Tryouts, Cheer Practices, and I'm heading for Vermont for Bennett's Baby Blessing... O and lets not forget about work and getting ready for school to start-Ready or not.. Right?

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tyandbrandie said...

Aw, never seen this pic before. Thanks for posting. Miss you Shane so much.