Saturday, May 30, 2009

Last Day of School!

It's over! Finally! School is out for the summer! O man and I'm so excited the summer is always my favorite season I get to swim, I get a nice tan, I get enough sleep (even when I go to bed late), I can spend almost every night playin, and well I absolute just love the summer!
On the last day of school I always do something with my friends, Kinz and Taylor (after all we are the three amigos!). Anyhow after we checked out the three of us along with our friends Kaden and Syder went to the good Ol' Mexican for lunch- It was so good, but I was so full! Then we went the the movie UP. Everyone must see it! I laughed and I cried and when I left I felt so happy and wanted to go watch it again! I'm serious- WATCH IT!
We did a little bit of shopping, before heading back to our small town. When I got back I hurried and delivered a few graduation gifts then got ready for the graduation. Our band plays during the graduation so I had to go early. One of my best friends, Jantzen played "Drifting" on his guitar, it was so good :) he even said I could post it on my blog so you too will be able to experience the wonders of his talent!
After graduation Kinz, Taylor and I watched a movie on Taylor's roof. I got home around 12:30.. and boy I was exhausted.

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