Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

First off I know it is late, but Mother's Day at my house is hectic and has been for the last four years. Firstly for Mother's Day the Cheerleaders hold a flower fundraiser (These are paper flower poster deals that we hammer into the ground on Mother's Day). And me being who I am spend ATLEAST a half hour on each flower.. I had thirty flowers this year so I spent over fifteen hours making flowers. Here was our process:
Thursday night my mom and I cut flowers and leaves out
Friday started writing "Happy Mother's Day" and the "Love" on the leaves, Shay helped
Saturday I wrote from noon to seven, then from seven to four in the morning finishing them- Thank heavens for my mom she stayed up with me until three helping me finish! Bless her heart even on Mother's Day
Sunday we left at seven to get all of them delivered before the "MOMS" left for church.
Notice some of the funny sayings on the flowers.. my "customers" always have the option of choosing what to say (:
I can't believe it was my last time making "Mother's Day Flowers". I really did enjoy this fundraiser- I think I'll even miss doing next year. ): O well
The entire family was also able to get to talk to Elder Mason (Denton) during his phone call home. I am not going to lie I wish I could have talked to him for longer than ten minutes, but it was really good to hear his voice.
We also had a huge dinner for all the family and a few neighbors. I love days like this- and despite the minimum amount of sleep from last night I didn't feel tired at all!

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