Monday, April 6, 2009

Prom with Jace

For all who are waiting to hear
Saturday was a lot of fun! I went to Jace's prom with him... I'll start from the beginning. Okay so Saturday morning I had to get up super early.. well regular school day time because I had to go take the ACT. I know bummer huh!? I hope I at least got a 23 on the math so I can get college credit in my class. ANYHOW.. So after my test Jace came and picked me up, yes he drove two hours to come get me, thoughtful huh! The car ride was fun-we played a couple car games and we just kinda chatted. Luckily the roads weren't very bad from the snow the night before.
Chilling in the truck
We made it to Cedar around three-ish. We met up with the rest of the group at Walmart. Okay now this is really really fun- at Walmart we played steal the flag. It was Girls vs. Boys and I must say Girls dominated! Eventually though we were kicked out. Ha ha! I had never been kicked out of Walmart before, I kinda liked it! (: After this we went and played "Prompt Games" or something like that. Now this was fun, there was one game called "Baby If You Love Me, SMILE" ha ha the key to this game is to look at someone and say "Baby if you love me smile" if they smile they're it, but if they say something to the affect of "Baby I love you but I just can't smile" without smiling then they are safe. Ha ha this game got intense- everyone laughed so hard. For dinner we went to the Japanese Grill called the NINJA. This place was fun, they cooked the food right in-front of you. It was so entertaining. I even caught shrimp in my mouth when the chef man flipped up into the air.. intense huh!
I got ready at Jace's house. His family was super nice and really made me feel comfortable.
A quick funny face picture- I really enjoy taking crazy face pictures
A quick picture while picking up some more couples
At the Dance. I've decided that "Big City" proms compared to our "Small Town" proms are like night and day! ha ha! serious- Our prom we decorated for days, learn a choreographed dance and then the entire community comes to watch. Jace's prom as he'd say it, "It's just like another dance only way more expensive"
I had a lot of fun!


Taylor said...

This last picture reminds me of bro cowan so much! It must just be a cedar thing lol

Team Cowan said...

It's true! I didn't believe Taylor when he told me, but now I see the proof. That last picture TOTALLY looks like Zach! I think Jace would be happy about that. :)