Sunday, November 23, 2008


Our Sadies Group! We had a really fun Group!
Kaden and I at the dance
I had to fix my brake light on our way to the dance.. it fell out, AGAIN
Eric and I swing dancing
This was so much fun, everyone stopped to watch
(He left bruises on my hips, but atleast he didn't let me fall)

My Sadies Date was so much fun! We hadn't really decided what we were going to do till they day before and it worked really well! For dinner the night of the dance we had a dinner by number thing. This is were we have a list of 12 numbers and whatever number you circle that is what is brought out to you. There are four courses, so for example my first course was a salad, gum and a fork. My second course was a knife a mint and bread. My third course was ice cream, a spoon and a napkin. And my fourth course was spaghetti, a drink and a toothpick. O and you had to finish all your food before they could bring out the next course. It was really fun! After dinner we went to the dance an hour early to help set up. I really liked being the first ones their we were able to mess around and just be dumb, o and practice some dance skills. We danced long and hard, my friend Eric and I ruled the dance floor with some really cool swing moves that we've learned. (The video will be posted eventually) I had a lot of fun, Kaden, my date was the best. I was really glad that I took him! Then after the dance we had to stay and help clean up. The night was so much fun, but we were so tired by the end of the night..
O another crazy happening of the night.. My friend Kinzie backed into my other friend, Syd's bran-new car! They both felt really bad about the whole deal, and well it was unfortunate, but besides that the night was amazing!
After Dancing
Cleaning up after the dance.. ya right

After a long night of dancing and partying

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Hillary Sue said...

Hey Kels- Your blog looks so cute. Sounds like your sadies date was so much fun. The pictures are cute. Good Job with the swing dancing it looks awesome. Talk to you later.