Sunday, October 26, 2008

August Rush

August Rush has now gone down in my list of favorite movies! I recommend everyone to watch it! In band on Thursday we watched the first of it and I couldn't wait to watch the end on Monday (we didn't have school Friday). All weekend my sister and I told my mom about it, so she purchased it for us on Friday. I watched the end of it last night! It is amazing! Everyone who watches it will fall in love with it! Go out and watch it if you haven't done so yet, you won't regret it, I PROMISE!
(P.S. I put some of the songs from the movie on my play list)


Jaden and Stacy said...

I love that movie! It is so great! Jaden didn't like it but that's because he is a guy. We all know that he liked it he just won't admit it. I love your blog it is super cute. Maybe I should have you help me with mine to make it cuter. I need to figure out how to do the top all cute like yours. Any suggestions are welcome. Happy Halloween on Friday!

Taylor said...

We'll have to watch it sometime :) So I was checkin out my blog and that pic of you and kinz is super super old and we'll have to take pictures soon...o wait! we did take silly pictures on the bus haha send me those please and if I remember i'll send those pumpkin pictures to you!

Nat said...

That is one of the best movies ever!! I love the story. We'll have to make Bryan watch it when we come home for Christmas.